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Who We Are

At ViveSound we leverage technology to break down barriers and to cultivate clear and effective communication.

Our goal is to foster understanding and compassion and to create a tangible positive impact on the world.

Our Leadership Team

ViveSound is fueled by passion, purpose, and our relentless desire to facilitate clear communication and the spread of ideas.

At ViveSound we leverage technology to break down barriers to cultivate clear and effective communication.

Samuel Blum

Chief Solutions Architect

Sam’s background as an Aerospace Engineer has contributed to new designs, software enhancements, and modifications to emerging software technologies at ViveSound. Sam manages our software development life cycle and is responsible for development and testing of each of our mobile and desktop applications as Chief Solutions Architect. In addition to our product offerings, Sam designed ViveSound’s infrastructure to ensure end-to-end security to meet both state and local governmental compliance. He holds a dual major with Bachelor’s Degrees in both Aerospace Engineering & Physics.

Sarah Salas

Product Merchandiser

Sarah’s product merchandising experience enables her to build cohesive brand synergy across different market segments. Her professional disciplines and focus include e-commerce awareness, strategic planning, social media engagement, digital art, content creation, and time management. Moreover, her innately compassionate and empathetic nature is the hallmark that fuels her determination and creativity. Her influence has undeniably created a working culture of cohesiveness and excellence within ViveSound. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Retail Merchandising and Product Development and is currently working towards a Master’s Degree in Marketing with a focus on Branding in the Digital Era.

Shelby Dunn

Project Manager

Shelby’s design, economics, and project management expertise ensure that critical projects and timelines are established. This includes managing deliverables, client commitments, and user-friendly interface designs that can be measured by internal key performance indicators and metrics. Her bachelor’s degree in Economics and Fashion Merchandising Management brings a unique blend of finance and art disciplines to ViveSound, which allows her to bridge gaps between business and the art of visual aesthetic management. Her other responsibilities include global macro environments, optimizing products, visualizing innovation, co-creation, and protecting ViveSound’s intellectual property.

Kailee Grace

Digital Marketing Strategist

Kailee’s social media expertise as an influencer, blogger, and YouTube personality adds value to ViveSound as she helps publicize our unique app products to individuals and enterprises who can use our technology to improve sound quality. She applies technical and creative best practices to public-facing multimedia projects, analyzes data, builds visualization storyboards, and creates content strategies. Furthermore, Kailee is a podcaster (College Chaos) at Texas Tech University. She interviews incoming students and helps them adjust to the academic rigors of campus life. Kailee is naturally charismatic and she leverages the interpersonal skills she has developed to engage with her following and to represent ViveSound in promotional and client-facing contexts. Kailee will be graduating with a degree in Public Relations with minors in Media Strategies and Retail Management.